Hello. Nice of you to stop by.

I’m Kamila.

(a handy pronunciation guide: it rhymes with “tequila.”)


I am an occasional writer & journalist,
A full-time NYC gawker,
A bilingual storyteller.
I consider myself a culture vulture.

I go to so many shows that someone asked me once if I was on the BESSIE committee (I am not.) To support my artsy and literary addiction, I work as a PR/marketing gun for hire,  providing service to independent NYC venues, off-off-Broadway theatre productions, independent filmmakers, and (my favorite) modern dancers. I do public relations, marketing, and social media. I can get you media coverage for your show; I can build a website for your project (no coding, please!). It will not take me long to write and put together your press kit or design a flyer or postcard. I can set up a Mailchimp account and put it to good use. I will figure out how to increase your Facebook following. I can even  find you a kick-a** photographer to document your show,  or bake a tarte for your afterparty (extra charges apply.)

Look around to find out what I have been doing professionally, with whom, and to what effect.