Christine Bonansea at JACK


Photo by Robert Flynt



A solo by Christine Bonansea

January 5-7, 2017
505 1/2 Waverly Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238
TICKETS: $10 advance/online, $15 (cash only) at the door

OnlyHuman is the first installment in a series of four collaborative performances, aimed at creating an interdisciplinary creative environment in which Bonansea’s solo dances evolve through interaction with new musical, visual and movement material created by an international and multicultural ensemble.

Created in collaboration with the composer and performer Nicole Carroll, lighting designer Elizabeth Mak and the visual artists Robert Flynt and Yoann Trellu.

This work draws inspiration from Friedrich Nietzsche’s aphoristic volume Human, All Too Human, a work described by its author as “a handbook for the free spirits.” Bonansea is particularly interested in the stark contradiction between the human capacity for freedom and beauty and its darkest, most destructive and illogical behaviors.

OnlyHuman trailer from christine bonansea on Vimeo.

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