OH, CELINE by The People Movers

Magnum Opus at Brooklyn Studios for Dance as part of Oh, Celine; Photo by Chelsea Robin Lee

In 2018, The People Movers’ choreographer and artistic director Kate Ladenheim and performer–designer Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs devised a collaborative project titled OH, CELINE and its heroine, Celine (née De La Croix). This fictional Brooklyn-based avant-garde dancer was conceived as a hilarious yet sincere caricature of a downtown artist. Through a sequence of events – sometimes harrowing, sometimes funny – the clueless New Age-y diva evolved into a provocative, Borat-like figure through whom her creators set to unmask the power structures in the contemporary art scene and our society at large. Over the last few months, Celine’s experiences unveiled through a long series of disarmingly pretentious social media posts, a mystifying art film, and surprising live appearances — all of which inspired unexpected reactions from the audiences.

As part of the project, two events were presented:

MAGNUM OPUS: Resurgere Ex Cineribus, a film screening at the Kickstarter HQ, February 12, 2019

MAGNUM OPUS: A Retrospective, a multidiciplinary performance at the Brooklyn Studios for Dance, April 11-13, 2019

Interview with Celine (née De La Croix)

Kate Landesheim and Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs about the project (video)

“It certainly left me thinking, and I always have a soft spot for events that combine film and dance – as well as excellent use of lighting – while keeping your attention from beginning to end.” – Anthony Piccione, Onstage Blog on MAGNUM OPUS: Resurgere Ex Cineribus

“The self-seriousness with which [Celine] takes herself, the unabashed diva behavior, the strutting, the sliding, the slamming and swooning, it all humorously abuts the idea of the Void, the relative lack of attention she gets for her antics. The delusion of capital-r Romance and of maintaining a Pure Artist’s soul in the throes of this cruel world, should she gain wide visibility, would no longer be delusion. I felt the privilege of inhabiting space with her as she just begins her career. ” – Audrey Moyce, Culturebot on MAGNUM OPUS: A Retrospective

“With sharp comedic timing, Lynn-Jacobs embodies Celine, an avatar of self-indulgence and woo woo wonderment…. Celine dances like Isadora Duncan after too many chai lattes… While this isn’t quite true across the board, Celine proves that satirizing it makes for fine art indeed.” – Erin Bomboy, DancEnthusiast on MAGNUM OPUS: A Retrospective

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