Witness Relocation / Dan Safer: SURVEYS THE PRAIRIE OF YOUR ROOM


Dan Safer and Ae Andreas in SURVEYS THE PRAIRIE OF YOUR ROOM. Photo by Maria Baranova.

Part of the 2019 LaMaMa Moves! Dance Festival

Ellen Stewart Theatre, May 18-19, 2019


Dan Safer, a downtown maverick and the Artistic Director of Witness Relocation, returns to the stage as a lead performer in his work in Surveys the Prairie Of Your Room, a duet co-created and performed with leading WR member Ae Andreas, featuring original music by OBIE Award-winning composer and longtime company collaborator Heather Christian. Titled after a David Bowie lyric, the work is composed as an uninterrupted, virtuosic  movement sequence. Accompanied by Christian’s dreamy score and the original text by playwright Kate Scelsa (Everyone’s Fine With Virginia Woolf) – delivered in the electrifying voice of Grace McLean – this highly kinetic and physically demanding piece is an exhilarating and healing meditation for the uncertain times.


Feature interview with Dan Safer in Dance Enthusiast


“There are two people here, but this appears to be a journal of one life, a long stretch of unpaved road with some exhilarating views along the way. It’s handsome and danced with all-out exuberance.” – Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Infinite Body


“Dan Safer is the devil you’ve been dying to dance with and Ae [Andreas]’s enviable lines and swag make them an optimal fiend friend for that dance card. Sitting at the feet of these two rock stars, our high was reached via a sobering exploration of undoing oneself through relentless vigor and focused disappearing.” – Maura Donohue, Culturebot


(*****) Visually and aurally compelling… Dan Safer and Ae Andreas move beautifully together, carrying us through a range of emotions… Surveys the Prairie of Your Room is a lovely work that has the potential to change dramatically in every new space.” – Carrie O’Dell, Reviews Hub

“A riveting mixture of whimsical, sinister, and visceral… Dan Safer / Witness Relocation’s gorgeously choreographed piece brings about some fascinating questions on the complicated forces within all of us.” – Ran Xia, Theatre is Easy

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